Making The Deal Count

Making The Deal Count

  • Why You Should Hire A Real Estate Lawyer To Represent You During A Judicial Foreclosure

    If you've fallen behind on your mortgage payments and are facing foreclosure, you are likely stressed out and anxious. But the good news is, if your foreclosure is going to be handled through the courts, you can hire an attorney to help with your case. While it is possible to represent yourself during a judicial foreclosure, it is not recommended. The judicial foreclosure process is complicated, and making even one small mistake could have serious repercussions.

  • 3 Must-Have Estate Planning Tools Investors Should Not Forego

    Acknowledging the uncertainties of life is the first step toward planning for your future because it incentivizes you to be prepared for any eventualities. Recognizing that mortality is the truth of life ensures that the efforts you put toward giving your family financial freedom don't go down the drain.   Estate planning is an important investment in this respect because it helps ensure that your legacy lives on through your beneficiaries. But what exactly is estate planning?

  • 3 Things To Know When Hiring A Bankruptcy Attorney

    If you are in a difficult financial situation and can't seem to find a way out, bankruptcy could be your best option. For many people, filing for bankruptcy is something they want to avoid. However, it is often the best way to get your finances back on track. Unfortunately, there are many myths about how bankruptcy works and its impacts on your future. Sorting through all of the information regarding filing for bankruptcy is challenging, but hiring a lawyer can help.

  • 3 Scenarios When You Need The Professional Intervention Of Business Lawyers

    If you are a real estate investor, you should spare no expense in securing your money and your properties because they are what keep your business afloat. And that's why it's crucial that you hire business lawyers who can protect you from making decisions that are detrimental to your investment portfolio. You likely already know that each time you're venturing into new markets, you are risking your other investments as much as you're setting up your business for greater success.

  • Fighting Over The House? Tips For Dividing Real Estate During A Divorce

    Even divorces that begin on amicable footing can quickly deteriorate when questions arise over the division of marital property. One of the most contentious divorce battles often centers around the family home. In addition to the market value, ownership of the family home is often contested during a divorce due to sentimental feelings for the property or a need for the security that it can offer to one of the former spouses.

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