Making The Deal Count

Making The Deal Count

Why You Should Hire A Real Estate Lawyer To Represent You During A Judicial Foreclosure

Trix Van Zee

If you've fallen behind on your mortgage payments and are facing foreclosure, you are likely stressed out and anxious. But the good news is, if your foreclosure is going to be handled through the courts, you can hire an attorney to help with your case.

While it is possible to represent yourself during a judicial foreclosure, it is not recommended. The judicial foreclosure process is complicated, and making even one small mistake could have serious repercussions. Here are four reasons why you should consider hiring a real estate lawyer to represent you during a judicial foreclosure.

1. Negotiation on Your Behalf 

The only way to prevent an imminent foreclosure is to negotiate with the lender and adjust the mortgage payment plan. This way, you can continue paying what you owe instead of losing the residential property you worked so hard to secure. An attorney with exceptional negotiation skills will act as a buffer between you and your lender, helping to reduce the stress of the situation. No matter how dire the situation is, your legal representative will figure out how to get your lender to pump the breaks on the property seizure.

2. Help You Address Underlying Financial Issues

While it's true that you can represent yourself in a judicial foreclosure, it's beneficial to hire an attorney. After all, by the time you're facing a judicial foreclosure, you likely have underlying financial issues you're grappling with. The foreclosure process is fairly simple, but if the root of the problem is bankruptcy, you will need legal assistance. An experienced real estate lawyer can help you navigate the underlying financial issues while still keeping a hand on the foreclosure process. 

3. Represent You in Court

While a judge supervises court proceedings, this process can still be complex and confusing. This is why hiring a real estate lawyer to represent you during a judicial foreclosure is important. A lawyer can help to protect your rights and ensure that the process is fairly conducted. They can also offer guidance on what you should do next if your home is foreclosed upon.

4. Can Help You Keep Your Home 

When a lender forecloses on a property, they must go through the courts. This means that there is a hearing where both sides present their case. If you are representing yourself, your delivery might not be as impactful as if you hand let an attorney explain your side of the story. A real estate lawyer will know how to present your case in the best light and ensure you can keep your home and figure out a comfortable way to clear the mortgage.

If you are facing a judicial foreclosure, don't go through it alone—contact a qualified real estate lawyer today. Hiring a professional will ensure that everything is done properly and that your rights are protected every step of the way.


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