Making The Deal Count

Making The Deal Count

  • Defenses To Help You Stop A Fault Divorce

    Although virtually all states allow no-fault divorces, some people still prefer to file for a fault divorce. If your partner is such a person, then you may be interested in ways of stopping such a divorce. Below are some of the defenses you may use against your partner's accusations. Connivance Connivance is basically a defense of claiming that your partner set you up to fail. That is, you are claiming that you did what you did because your partner set you up to behave that way.

  • Estate Planning Issues And How To Overcome Them

    Estate planning seems like something you would do after retirement. After all, you are not expecting to die until you are very old. However, that is exactly the kind of thinking that causes you not to plan ahead for your heirs and then you find out (too late!) that you will not live to be as old as you thought you would be. Estate planning is not just for seniors; it is for pre-retirees and middle-aged people too.

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